About BEAst standards

Information standards are a must when it comes to e-business. BEAst develops these standards for the construction and property sector, based on international standards and in close cooperation with other industry organisations.

Each standard include a process description and is aimed for relations where two parties have agreed upon a business contract (currently nly available in Swedish, but under translation). The message descriptions and specifications complement the process description and form the basis for implementation.

The following information standards have been produced by BEAst:

General messages

These are messages that are common to all standards. It is for example the same Invoice and Project information messages for both infra, building or rental processes. Among the general messages are also catalogue message to share article and price information and BEAst Eco to report fuel consumption and environment data from transports to construction sites.

BEAst Trade

The standard is developed for supply of material and services and can be used through the whole supply chain by manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, property companies and Contractors within building and installation. The standard was earlier named Nordic e-Building (NeB). It is available in both Edifact and XML versions.

Messages included are Catalogue, Purchase order, Order response, Despatch advise and Invoice (SMSI).

BEAst Supply Material

The standard is similar to BEAst Trade but focus on the supply of goods to construction sites. It has building and installation contracters and their suppliers as target group. BEAst Supply Material messages are only available in XML versions.

Messages included are Delivery schedule, Purchase order, Order response, Despatch advice and Status report.  Catalogue and Invoice messages are identical to BEAst Trade.

BEAst Label

BEAst Label is a package standard t be used on goods supply to Construction sites in order to enhance internal logistics at the working site.

BEAst Supply NeC

The standard is developed for transport services of aggregate material, machine services and supply of aggregate material. Target groups are civil contractors and their suppliers of services and supply. NeC messages are available in XML versions.

Messages included are Delivery schedule, Call off order, Order response, Material ticket, Status report, Order receipt, Despatch advice and Invoice.

Nordic e-Rental – NeR

The standard is developed for the rental process. It is to a great part close to BEAst Trade and BEAst Supply but with adaptions to fit the rental process. Un update of this standard will be available in the beginning of 2018.

Messages includes are Machine catalogue, Project list, Project status, Request for tender, Tender, Call off order, Order response, Delivery advice, Receiving advice and Invoice.


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