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About the standard

BEAst Invoice standard (earlier named SMSI) has been developed to fullfill all needs for invoicing in the Construction sector. It can be used between contractors and their suppliers, both sub contractors, material suppliers and rental companies, as well as between wholesalers and retailers and their suppliers.

BEAst Invoice standard message is used as a part in all other BEAst standards; BEAst Trade, BEAst Supply Material, BEAst Supply NeC and NeR.

The base of the standard is jointly produced by the organisations BEAst, Sveriges Transportindustriförbund [Swedish International Freight Association] and Odette Sweden and is called SMSI. The aim of that framework is to harmonise the use of e-invoicing within the industries represented by the organisations, i.e. the construction and property sector, transport industry and the vehicle industry.

BEAst Invoice has a variety of uses, including purchases for production, commodity purchases, office and expendable items, services such as transportation and consultation assignments, as well as for contract-related invoices for electricity, telecommunications and cards – periodic invoices.

BEAst Construction invoice

Used for invoicing purchases made during the construction process. In principle, it can be used between all links, i.e. suppliers, sub-contractors, installation engineers, commercial firms, contractors and property companies. It can be used for both goods and services. as the latest version, ver. 1.2.4 also includes support for freight and rental. It is recommended by a number of leading construction companies.

See the detailed description and the documentation.

Code list

There is a common code list for the various profiles. Download here.

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