Order message


Following documents of BEAst Trade Order message version 1.2.3 can be downloaded:

Change log with differences from last version

  1. Documentation of business transactions (data model)
    a) BEAst Trade Order Business Document Summary: NeB_Order_Business_Document_Summary

b) BEAst Trade Order Business Document Specification: NeB_Order_Business_Document_Specification

2     Documentation of XML-filer

a) BEAst Trade Order XML Structure: NeB_Order_XML_Structure

b) BEAst Trade Order XML Guideline: NeB_Order_XML_Guideline

3. Execution files

a) BEAst Trade Order Schema: Nordic eBuilding Orders

b) BEAst Trade Orders additional Schema: Nordic eBuilding Orders_urn_Nordicebuilding_sddb_2

4. Test file BEAst Trade Order XML: Nordic eBuilding Orders

5. Edifact Order message ORDERS: NeB ORDERS Guide v0123

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