Different invoice versions

The invoice message is available in a number of versions:

  • BEAst Trade invoice message; produced from a Nordic template and covers all requirements in all Nordic countries.
  • BEAst Construction Invoice; a simpler version of the BEAst Trade invoice, which means it does not have as much content. However, it is suitable for most cases, and is recommended by a all major construction companies.

Both invoices are very similar, but nevertheless have their specified area of application.

Download of documentation

Following documents can be downloaded. See also changes from last version.

1. Documentation of business transactions (data model)

a) BEAst Trade Invoice Business Document Summary

b) BEAst Trade Invoice Business Document Specification

2. Documentation of XML-files

a) BEAst Trade Invoice XML Structure

b) BEAst Trade Invoice XML Guideline

3. Execution files

a) BEAst Trade Invoice Schema.xsd

b) BEAst Trade Invoice_urn_Nordicebuilding_sdd_2.xsd

4. Test file BEAst Trade Invoice.xml

5. Edifact Invoice (INVOIC) message

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