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About the standard

Between 2007 and 2008, a work group within BEAst produced a new version of our standard message for the supply of products. Previously called Nordic e-Building (NeB), it is now known as BEAst Trade. The standard is coordinated with Danish and Norwegian requirements. The standard is clearly laid out and can be downloaded from BEAst’s website.

In 2008, the standard was tested as a pilot study in several companies in both Sweden and Norway. In 2009, the standard was established as the natural choice for commerce in the Nordic construction industry. The current version is is an update to include experience from the first instances of practical use.

Each message is stored in two versions, one with Edifact and one with XML as the format syntax. The standard can be downloaded, see each message page. For further information, contact .


  • BEAst Trade is based on an international standard.
  • Itis well-coordinated with equivalent standards in other industries, such as vehicles and consumer goods, but is also adapted to the specific requirements of the construction industry.
  • The standard includes the practical and formal requirements of the Nordic countries
  • BEAst Trade is a modern standard, as it builds on a new catalogue from the UN.
  • BEAst Trade is available in an Edifact and an XML version for each message. They both have the same content, but each company can choose their preferred syntax.
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