Received advice

Received advice

Returning rental Products can be done both by the rental Company direct from the construction site, or by the contractor returning the items to a depot. A third party can also collect the item and transport it back to the depot. Normally, a proof of receipt is only issued when a contractor returns a product to the depot, to confirm receipt and report any damage. This is particularly important for deliveries of a significant value. In many cases, e-mail or SMS is used in place of the standard message.


Following standard documents are available.

1. Business document that is a specification of the content.
a) An overview of the content: Business Document Summary BEAst Supply Rental Received Advice.
b) A detailed content specification: Business Document Specification BEAst Supply Rental Received Advice.

2. Execution file as an XML schema: BEAst Supply Rental Received Advice.

3. Test file: Example BEAst Supply Rental Received Advice.

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