BEAst Supply Rental

Information exchange for renting equipment

BEAst Supply Rental is a standard covering the entire process between an equipment rental company and a contractor. The information flow in comprise a number of standard messages.

The standard consists of these parts:

process description, which is a description of work steps and routines to ensure that everyone generally works in the same way – a prerequisite for the automatic transfer of EDI messages to function (only available in Swedish).

The standard then consists of messages. Each of them is described generally, to show the user the information which is included, as well as a technical description and an XML schema to act as supporting documentation for implementation and validation. Messages included are:

  1. Delivery schedule
  2. Rental order
  3. Order response
  4. Despatch advice
  5. Received advice
  6. Reconciliation report
  7. Invoice. It is the same invoice message as for other BEAst standard, see this page.

See each tab to download the various documents of the standard.

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