Content of BEAst Portal

BEAst Portal is based on the principle that it should be quick and easy for those issuing invoices and automated for those receiving invoices through the portal. This information is aimed at those receiving invoices from the portal.

Form and standard:

  • The invoice form is based on the BEAst standard Construction Invoice.
  • There are also support for credit notes.
  • Companies receiving invoices from BEAst Portal can make individual settings in the invoice form. However, the form must follow the BEAst standard. That means that it is possible to remove certain optional fields and make other fields required. Terms that are required in the standard must also be required in the form.
  • It is not possible to create an invoice in the portal unless all required fields have been completed.
  • The portal menus are available in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.
  • There is support for different currencies and foreign bank account numbers.
  • Appendices can be attached, in common formats.

Communication and safety:

  • There are a number of options to choose from for communication protocol and safety between the portal and the invoice recipient’s system, e.g. https and VPN.
  • A guaranteed function is that an invoice will always be received by the recipient a maximum of 15 minutes after it has been created in the portal.
  • Validation files, e.g. for approved project numbers, can be sent per file or web service, to the portal. If the validations are permanent, they can be added manually.
  • A receipt file can be obtained from the portal in order to be able to reconcile the day’s or week’s invoices.
  • The service includes monitoring the portal, with notification of problems a maximum of two hours after they occur.

Other functions:

  • All invoices are logged and can be seen after logging in.
  • Stopped invoices generate error messages in plain language text.
  • The portal can be accessed 24 hours a day.
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