Getting started

Simple for both customer and supplier

The purpose with the invoice portal is to provide an easy to use service with highest efficiency and reliability.

For suppliers invoicing clients through e-Build:

  • You do not need a portal contract with BEAst – you can simply go directly to BEAst Portal.
  • Once in the portal, you will be given a password, which you will receive immediately via e-mail.
  • Once you are logged in, you can see a list of the companies who can receive your invoices through the portal.
  • Once you have chosen the customer, select the invoice template or use an old invoice as a starting point.


For customers who receive invoices through BEAst Portal:

  • You must sign a contract agreement in order to gain access to the service. Send an e-mail to  to obtain the contract, together with other information such as terms and prices.
  • Once the contract is prepared, the operator of the portal will contact you for the practical details regarding the connection.
  • You should choose the type of communication between the portal and your own system as well as validation rules, and you should determine the selectable fields in the invoice template.

Electronic invoicing will clearly generate cost savings. Contact BEAst for help getting started.

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