For customers – invoice recipient

An entry into the entire industry

BEAst Portal is a web service where many suppliers can easily invoice many customers from the same place and in the same way. The aim with the portal is to drastically reduce the number of paper invoices in the construction industry.

For you as a customer and invoice recipient, BEAst Portal has a number of advantages:

  • the portal creates an opportunity to get e-invoices from even the smallest suppliers;
  • when the industry’s major purchasers jointly process the suppliers’ invoices, there is an increased opportunity to maximise the number of e-invoices that are dealt with;
  • the invoices are validated in accordance with the rules that each invoice recipient can define themselves which means that invoices from BEAst Portal are almost always correct;
  • each electronic invoice is a saving both for the economy and the environment;
  • BEAst is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating the portal for the entire industry, instead of everyone having to do it all themselves. For suppliers who issue invoices in the portal, it costs nothing to use the portal. For those who receive supplier invoices, the following costs apply:
  • a set-up fee which is paid initially as a one-off cost;
  • for those who wish to have their own validation rules, e.g. only approving the project number to be invoiced, it is a one-off cost to set up the rule(s);
  • a fixed cost which depends on the turnover;
  • a flexible cost depending on the number of invoices received (discount for BEAst members).

All together, the cost is almost comparable to the savings that are made.

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