BEAst Portal

Construction industry’s common invoice portal

BEAst provides a common portal for e-invoicing for the entire construction industry. The website BEAst Portal enables all suppliers without their own system functions for EDI invoice to create a web invoice to be sent from the portal directly to the customer’s finance system as a standard message.

  • The creator of the web invoice requests the password for the portal homepage and, after a few minutes, can create invoices using simple templates.
  • The recipient of the invoice makes a request to BEAst for registration. BEAst Portal is also available for companies which are not BEAst members. Member companies have a discount on the fee.

BEAst Portal is available to all companies in, or connected with, the construction industry. The portal has in-built support for the BEAst Invoice standard. This means that companies receiving invoices from the portal will have each invoice in exactly the same format.

The portal was put into operation in September 2010. Today there are +12 000 suppliers registred in the portal. There is no fee for sending web invoices. Recipients pay a fee per transaction. Languages supported are Nordic languages and English.


BEAst AB, c/o GS1, POBox 1178, 111 91 Stockholm. Phone: +46 70 663 32 19
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