Current services

One part of BEAst is to provide services in order to make it easier for member companies to adopt our standards. There are currently the following aspects:

  • Advisory services to members about e-business in general and our standards in particular from BEAst’s experts.
  • BEAst Portal, the construction industry’s invoice portal. The portal is open to everyone in the industry, but BEAst members get a discount. It is used by thousands of companies for web invoicing.
  • PEPPOL access. Contact for more information.
  • Validation which means that to members can send files to BEAst in order to check that these are according to the standard.
  • BEAst continually holds courses, seminars and workshops about e-business.
BEAst AB, c/o GS1, POBox 1178, 111 91 Stockholm. Phone: +46 708 90 32 76
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