About BEAst

Standards and information services

BEAst’s core operations are the setting of common standards for e-business in collaboration with Nordic and international organisations. We focus on enabling a high level of integration between companies in the sector by providing e-business standards and services. Our goal is to support the Nordic construction sector to continue to be able to maintain its competitiveness internationally.

The main work involved in changing to e-business obviously must be done within the companies in the industry. Tasks such as producing necessary industry standards and keeping them up to date do however require cooperation. The aim of BEAst is therefore to offer a common platform where the industry operators are united in the development and application of standards. BEAst also works with more outward activities to support and stimulate the change that has begun, of turning visions to concrete reality. A further area is supporting the members in their work of implementing and using the existing standards.

Summary of BEAst’s operational areas:

  • identifying the requirement for standards in e-business within the construction and property sector;
  • developing information standards or initiating development in other ways;
  • working to ensure that companies and system suppliers use the standards that have been established;
  • provide web portal services for companies not having their own systems for Exchange of standard messages;
  • support the transition to e-business;
  • monitoring the development of e-business, both nationally and internationally;
  • coordinating with adjacent industries nationally.
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