peopleE-business in the construction industry

E-commerce (B2B) is rapidly growing in the construction sector. More and more construction companies are making use of the possibilities that the new technology offers. The motivation behind this is a simplified process and lower costs.

e-Business in the construction industry

BEAst develop standards and support implementation in the Swedish construction sector. We are owned by + 100 companies and industry organizations.

Contact for more information about how your company can use our standards and services.

Construction industry portal

More than 12 000 companies already use BEAst Portal to invoice their customers. Since June 2017 BEAst Portal also has built-in support for logistics. Read about how your company can use the infrastructure.

BEAst standards

Standards are a prerequisite when it comes to e-business, and BEAst develops since the 1990s the standards for the construction and property sector, based on international standards, and in close cooperation with other industries. Read more.

BEAst Portal and other services

BEAst members have access to our services such as the logistics and invoice portal – BEAst Portal, PEPPOL Access Point (AP) and free advices about e-business.


E-business is not about technology, format or communication. It is a modern way of doing business and it changes basic processes companies to work smarter.


Within the BEAst standard we are constantly running projects to improve the industry’s opportunities for rational handling. Read more.

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